The Islamist Erdogan Ready to Ignite Armageddon

The cock-fight: Erdogan hiding behind NATO’s skirts.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing with matches. When he shot down a Russian bomber on November 24, he hoped to put NATO and Russia in each other’s crosshairs even though, in this case, Ankara is clearly the aggressor. It was a clear bid to sabotage the Vienna peace process. Continue reading “The Islamist Erdogan Ready to Ignite Armageddon”

France – Terrorism: Hate, Made in France!

thThe Friday the 13th Massacre has led France to declare itself at war.  A 90 day state of emergency is in effect and many basic liberties are suspended. Magistrates are sidelined while the police call the shots. Only six out of 577 Members of Parliament voted against the emergency measures. This is the result of Frenchmen, born and raised in France, who took up arms against their compatriots. While France bombs Syria in a bid to deflect the real problem the debate we should be having is not being held: ‘Why did this happen?’ and yes, ‘Does Islam have anything to do with it?’ Continue reading “France – Terrorism: Hate, Made in France!”

Immigration: What Happened to the Noble Asylum Seeker?

thAn illegal migrant is not a refugee and a refugee is not an asylum seeker. The press is reinforcing the confusion by parroting political leaders who have brushed the true meaning of asylum under the rug.

The asylum seeker, traditionally, is someone who tried to change things in his country, usually for the better, and faced persecution or worse for his activities. He fled his country and sought protection. At times, countries which offered asylum to the persecuted saw them as a joker to use if the country of origin fell into crisis or changed regimes such as South Africans fighting apartheid in the 1980s. More often than not, the exile would sit out his life in the host nation. Continue reading “Immigration: What Happened to the Noble Asylum Seeker?”

Turkey: France Allows Islamic Extremist Butcher Erdogan to Preach Violence in Strasbourg.

12,000 Turks rally in Strasbourg to hear Erdogan’s Islamic message
Erdogan in Strasbourg, Oct. 4, 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 4, laid out his view for an Islamic nationalist country before 12,000 Turkish immigrants in which he attacked Kurdish “terrorism” but not a word about the Islamic extremists operating in Syria and for good reason: Erdogan supports them.

The French say they are at war with radical Islam yet they allow Erdogan to promote his Muslim Brotherhood style political Islam within the country. The French say they want immigrants to integrate, yet they allow Erdogan to come in and stir up Turkish nationalist sentiments among those who are supposed to assimilate. Paris allowed him to encourage violence against another immigrant community: the Kurds.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ready to set his country on fire to impose his radical political islam

One country, one flag, one religion!” Erdogan hammered. Definitely not the kind of discourse which would persuade Turks to assimilate to France’s vision of a secular society where color does not exist and religion is a private affair not to be displayed in public venues.

Meanwhile, within France, the police hound Salafists of North African origin who preach radical political Islam. Political leaders say political Islam “has no place in France.” Cops hunt and arrest those aiding Islamic State and other radical insurgents who recruit “Jihadi soldiers” in the country’s banlieues – the poor immigrant suburbs. Erdogan has been aiding and abetting IS and other Islamic combatants to topple the Syrian government for five years now. Yet he is allowed to hold a public rally in Strasbourg.

When a demonstration of The People’s Democratic Party was bombed by Islamic terrorists on July 20, killing 32 people, Erdogan replied by attacking … the Kurds! His planes and troops attack Kurdish towns not only in Iraq and Syria, but in his very own country as well. And, as the November 1 elections get nearer, we can expect him to kill more Kurds in a bid to galvanize the country behind his call for unity and political Islam.

Witness the reaction when the bombs went off in Ankara on October 10 killing 97 people. Erdogan and his government immediately tried to blame the Kurds and other leftists for attacking their own.

In Strasbourg, Erdogan assailed “those who threaten our country with arms and bombs.” He was not referring to the suicide bombers nor IS.  He was talking about the Kurds.

Erdogan is a man who fires judges investigating corruption when it gets too close to home. Torture is rampant and political assassinations are not uncommon. He jails reporters and censors or shuts down newspapers that are hostile to him. And when the opposition is attacked and people are killed, he blames … the opposition! – as if people are supposed to believe they are killing themselves.

The West talks a lot about human rights violations in Iran and Russia yet remain silent on all the abuses in Turkey. The West condemns the excesses of Sharia in Iran and says not a word about what is going on in Turkey.  They even let Erdogan come to Europe and preach the very kind of political Islam Europeans are trying to contain. Rather than chastised for his brutality, corruption and aid to Jihadis, he is given a hero’s welcome and the Red Carpet. Belgium’s King Philippe awarded him the Order of Leopold medal during his visit while a whole section of Brussels was closed off by police so his wife could go shopping.

Why is Europe accommodating a dangerous Islamo-fascist guilty of the worst human rights abuses and who aids the very people the West claims to be fighting?  How can France possibly expect its young Muslims to get the “secular and democratic message of the Republic” when Erdogan is allowed to preach his venom before 12,000 people in the European Parliament’s seat?

The answer may be in the size of Turkey’s NATO army and the fact that if he gets angry with Europe, he can send them two million more refugees at the drop of a Fez. The double standards do not auger well for France’s message to its Muslims at home.

French Press, Lawyers, Attack New Domestic Spying Law in European Court

“Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. … Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.” Benjamin Franklin.

France’s Association of the Court Press, that is reporters who cover trials and judicial investigations, are taking a new French law on domestic spying to the European Court of Human Rights saying the law violates their right to keep their sources secret.

The Paris Bar Association has joined the journalists in the lawsuit claiming it violates their right to attorney-client privilege, aka secrecy. Continue reading “French Press, Lawyers, Attack New Domestic Spying Law in European Court”

The Powder Keg: Young, Angry, Uneducated and Unskilled, Mostly Muslim

th-2How will Europe deal with hundreds of thousands of unskilled, uneducated and angry young men, mostly Muslim, flooding over the borders when the migrants realize there is no place for them here and they are unwanted? Many of these young people are totally illiterate, especially Afghans and Somalis. Some are just teenagers who ‘ran away to join the circus.’ They are irritated and have experienced war and violence. They come from closed and repressive, often feudal cultures. They are entering the tolerant and open Judeo-Christian democracies of Europe so foreign to anything they have known. Continue reading “The Powder Keg: Young, Angry, Uneducated and Unskilled, Mostly Muslim”

France – Terrorism: French warned to prepare for massive terrorist attack.

Marc Trévidic, anti-terrorist magistrate in Paris, lifted from Paris Match.

France faces terrorist attacks on the scale of September 11, 2001, according to former anti-terrorist magistrate, Marc Trévidic.  “The threat is at the highest level it has ever been.” Trévidic told the French weekly, Paris Match. “We are no longer capable of stopping a terrorist attack.”

For the past week, cops, spies and magistrates have been coming out of the woodwork to warn the French: “Get ready for the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.”  Why they are doing it now is not clear but what they see coming is. Continue reading “France – Terrorism: French warned to prepare for massive terrorist attack.”