EU Must Make Foreign Govt.s Punish Parents to Stop Child Migration!

How do someone else’s children become Europe’s problem?

The EU must pressure foreign governments to punish parents who send their children on the perilous and illegal journey to Europe or face financial consequences. All too many parents in poverty stricken countries readily send their under-age children on the dangerous trek to Europe knowing that, if they make it, Europeans will care for them. These parents hope their children get papers and that they can join them in Europe later under Europe’s liberal family regroupment rules and that one day they get work and send money home.  Europeans are alarmed that about 10,000 of these children are unaccounted for. Continue reading “EU Must Make Foreign Govt.s Punish Parents to Stop Child Migration!”

There is a Great Hole where a Mountain Once Stood

July 1977

Mom passed away on December 12th, and an unsung hero of the power of women to overcome the odds died with her.  In the 1960s, when the professional ladder was sawed off below the half-way mark for women in general, Mom, a single mother with three young boys, worked her way through college and obtained a Doctorate from Columbia.  “Impossible” was a word not in my mother’s vocabulary. Continue reading “There is a Great Hole where a Mountain Once Stood”

Migration Sensitivity: Europe is not the United States

Lasagna Bathily, who saved lives during the January 2016 terror attacks, receiving French citizenship

I angered one of the softest and nicest guys I know so much that, if he were a boxer, he would have punched me out with the simple American-style question of “when did you arrive in Europe?” It was another rude lesson in Europe is not the United States. Continue reading “Migration Sensitivity: Europe is not the United States”

France, the State of Emergency and the War on Terror

iraqburnedbaby“Right and left, who strew war against political Islam internationally, are harvesting the war of Islam nationally,” tweeted the anarcho-French philosopher Michel Onfry the night of the Friday the 13th massacre. A tweet which earned him the scorn of the establishment. Basically, you reap what you sow. Continue reading “France, the State of Emergency and the War on Terror”

The Islamist Erdogan Ready to Ignite Armageddon

The cock-fight: Erdogan hiding behind NATO’s skirts.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing with matches. When he shot down a Russian bomber on November 24, he hoped to put NATO and Russia in each other’s crosshairs even though, in this case, Ankara is clearly the aggressor. It was an attempt to sabotage the Vienna peace process. Continue reading “The Islamist Erdogan Ready to Ignite Armageddon”

France – Terrorism: Hate, Made in France!

thThe Friday the 13th Massacre has led France to declare itself at war.  A 90 day state of emergency is in effect and many basic liberties are suspended. Magistrates are sidelined while the police call the shots. Only six out of 577 Members of Parliament voted against the emergency measures. This is the result of Frenchmen, born and raised in France, who took up arms against their compatriots. While France bombs Syria in a bid to deflect the real problem the debate we should be having is not being held: ‘Why did this happen?’ and yes, ‘Does Islam have anything to do with it?’ Continue reading “France – Terrorism: Hate, Made in France!”